Energy Efficiency (4E) Phase II 11 Apr 2023
Authors: dsadsa
Authoring Organisation: dsdas
Posted At: 02-2022

Under the BMZ-funded second phase of the 4E Project, further development of RE and EE is focused on strengthening the legal framework for RE and EE as well as enhancing the human capacity of the related active stakeholders. The second phase of 4E includes a co-financing component with the EU “Technical Assistance (TA) for the Implementation of the EU-Vietnam Energy Facility” (in short: TA for EVEF), which thematically reinforces and complements 4E BMZ component’s fields of action. The EVEF is aimed at supporting the Ministry of Industry and Trade and non-Ministry institutions in the energy sector with technical assistance focusing on regulatory framework improvement, strengthening technical and methodological capacities in RE, EE, energy access and energy data and statistics.

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