Power Transition Progress Tool

The Power Transition Progress Tool monitors the progress of the energy transition of Southeast Asian countries. Along 69 indicators under nine dimensions the tool analyses the status of different elements that are part of the transition.




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Through updates of data in the future, the tool allows tracking progress of the energy transition over time. The tool also reveals remaining challenges and barriers to furthering the energy transition in a country. It thus helps to identify which areas needs to advance to move to larger shares of renewable energy and can serve as a basis for a dialogue on additional action.

Through its standardised approach, the results of different countries are comparable, creating an opportunity for an exchange with peers.

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The focus of the tool is on the power sector. The indicators and challenges cover technical dimensions, for example the integration of a high share of renewable energy in the electricity grid, as well as social, economic, and political parameters, such as an economy-wide ambitious climate change mitigation target.


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